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Get ready to embrace your independence, redefine your path and be the best you can be, all whilst being a brilliant single mum

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A unique ecourse packed with ALL tools specific to the challenges of a single mum.

‘It is time to feel confident and content, happy and healthy, loved and liberated.'


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Many single mums put their lives to one side while they focus on their children, often driven by guilt or worry. Yet, contentment comes from the source – you. If you revamp your life, the results will filter through to your children and they will benefit.

Remember that you are their guide and their inspiration. They mimic and learn from you. If you expect more from your life, they will grow up making more of theirs.

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  • Do you feel you have lost sight of the ‘real you’?

  • Does your life feel unbalanced, but you can’t seem to address it?

  • Do you feel stressed about money and find it hard to live on one income?

  • Do you struggle to find time for everything and at the end of the day, there’s none left for you?

  • Do you experience loneliness or social isolation?

  • Is your quality of life poor, leaving you unchallenged yet exhausted at the end of the day?

  • Have you put your future dreams on hold while you fulfil your role of single mum?

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Meet Lucy

Founder of Beanstalk and the writer of this course.

I’ve worked with single mothers for the last five years – chatting, advising and providing every kind of support I can think of.

I totally and completely get your needs, wants, challenges and the bittersweet feeling of being a single mum. I know how hard it is to get ahead when you’re doing it alone. I have lived it and learned from it.

This course is a culmination of my work with single mothers, as well as my own personal experience to find my way whilst navigating single motherhood, illness, depression and separation in a country 15,000km from my homeland. But I did it!

Embrace your independence, redefine your path and be the best you can be today!

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read THE LATEST successful stories

‘Lucy, I did your ecourse and got so much out of it. I often refer back to it as I get overwhelmed and feel sorry for myself. Your course puts everything in perspective and makes it more reachable. Thank you for being you, for being inspirational, real, focused and amazing. You really are reaching out and touching people’s lives and making a difference.’
‘I can never thank Lucy enough for this course. I was at a point in my life that I had nothing to lose. I hated my job, where I was living, struggling to be a parent to a gorgeous little girl, no self-confidence and really unhappy. Never did I think doing an ecourse would actually help. But boy was I wrong. Lucy has set this course up in a very realistic manner. Every part has an actual reason! It reminded me of all the good things in my life. And I can now see so many things that affect my well-being both mentally and physically. I am so much happier seeing a clearer path to how I wish my life to be.’
‘It’s like losing a friend finishing up the course. My daily life is so much easier with all the tips and tricks to streamline my time and energy. I actually have more time and money based solely on this course. What I gained is exciting and eye opening and I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow morning and look through my gorgeous workbook with all my individual and reassess what gets my attention right now! I feel like you are my fairy godmother Lucy, thank you.’
“I absolutely loved doing this course. It is super easy to follow and each module made me feel more confident and inspired to improve all areas of my life. It made me focus on me and how I could not only be a better mum but also a strong women. I feel more aware now of what areas of my life I need to focus on and have been given great tools from this course to do so. Lucy is amazing, always so encouraging and I always felt like she had time for me.”
This course is super easy to follow and has some real eye opening moments. I especially loved Lucy’s introductory videos which genuinely got me excited about what came next. It was great to put my life in perspective and challenge where I was headed. I have actually become a lot more confident and self-aware since doing the course. I changed jobs after 9.5 years and earn more money. I feel happier as I have more direction in life and know who I’m taking along with me. If you get the opportunity, do yourself a favour and DO THIS COURSE.’
As a single mum I felt so lost and alone and really struggled to look forward and not get bogged down with life. Doing this course put everything into perspective for me. I found my strengths and realised what I can change. I now look positively towards the future with a clear head and purpose. It also allowed me more quality time with my kids as I could prioritise better. Highly recommend this course for any single mama trying to do her absolute best.’
‘I completed the course on the weeks I didn’t have my kids, but would share it with them when they came back. They would get excited as I was when I showed them. I love the layout, the prettiness, the worksheets, the activities and the quotes. You have done such an inspirational job Lucy and I sincerely thank you.’
‘I have just finished this ecourse and it wouldn’t matter if it cost a million dollars, it would be worth every cent. The software is easy to use (even for the computer challenged like me!). The modules are inspiring and insightful and I found each one of them equally important and satisfying to do. I would recommend this course single mothers. It helped me get my life back in perspective and to level things back out again. Thank you so much.’

‘Happily Ever After comes in many different forms. Let me take you on a journey to find yours.’

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Course Modules

Seven super-easy modules to complete at your own pace.



Current situation

Complete a thought-provoking review of the wonderful person you are at this exact moment in time, practically, emotionally and physically.


Redefining direction

Consider your current aspirations, identify exciting new ones, deal with decision pressure and identify issues that could prevent growth and progress.



Life balance

Review the balance of the main components of your life and effortlessly readdress them to allow you to concentrate on the things that matter.


Time management

Pinpoint your problem areas and put highly effective and easy-to-use measures in place to magically generate valuable ‘you’ time.


Financial planning

Understand your current situation and learn uncomplicated processes to live on one income, save money and give you financial satisfaction.



Quality of life

Quality check your everyday life and make simple upgrades that help you to ditch the guilt and create happiness, health and well-being


Goals and aspirations

Test your motivation, build a support network and create a successful, fail-safe strategy to capture your future vision for you and your children

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